As you may already be aware, the government has cancelled funding for the federal Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), a unique research facility for aquatic research located in northwestern Ontario. The ELA comprises 58 small lakes that have been set aside for research. There is no other comparable facility in the world.

How can you lend your support?

1. Phone your MP, especially if your MP is conservative, and ask them to phone you back regarding ELA. You could tell them you would like your tax dollars to go towards the ELA. They are required to return all phone calls and answer questions. Here’s a link to contact info for all Canadian MPs.

2. Sign the parliamentary petition and send the hard copy to the address given on the petition (any age, Canadian citizens only).

3. Send this form letter to the Minister of Fisheries, Keith Ashfield, or  your MP.

4. Non-Canadians (and Canadians) may sign the online petition to voice their support for the ELA. This will not be submitted to the House of Commons, so it is important for Canadians to sign both.

Please click the save ELA website to learn more about the many ways you can lend your support.

*The information in this post has been compiled from the following sources:

ELA website

Save ELA website


Facebook here and here 





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